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Turkey qualifies to be the second Christian Pilgrimage Destination after Israel because it is home to very important Biblical Historical Monuments. Also, the the rich Islamic heritage with the collection of sacred Muslim ornaments, ancient and modern magnificent mosques, it gives Muslim tourists thrilling experience of a life time. With its exquisite beaches, worldclass hospitality and all inclusive resorts, Turkiye has become the choice summer holiday destination for millions of visitors.

Some of the exclusive significant religious sites include :

1. Antakya (Antioch) Turkey which is the first church outside Israel where the disciples were first called Christians.

2. The 7 churches mentioned in the book of Revolution by John The Baptist - now famous historical sites in the cities of Turkey.

3. The Island of Patmos where John the Baptist received the revelations in the book of Revelation and where he was said to have been thrown into a boiling oil but did not die.

4. The last Home of Virgin Mary where the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ lived before she went to be with the Lord - The home attracts Christian Pilgrims globally every Easter for inter-denominational mass / service.

5. It's home to Cappadocia, the city where early Christians fled away from the persecution of the Roman Empire in the first century.

6. Popular towns and cities in the the New Testament such as Thyatra, the hometown of Lydia and Dorcas, Herapolis, Sardis, Ephesus, Ismiara, Ladocia, etc.

7. Early churches in the years between 200AD to 1st and 2nd centuries in Istanbul and all over the cities of Turkey.

From The Old Testament :

8. The Hometown of Father Abraham, Ur (Urfa in Turkish).

9. Jacob's Well in Mardin and Urfa.

10. School of the Prophets in Mardin, Urfa, Trabzon and Mersin.

11. Gobekli Tepe, a United Nations World Heritage and the oldest civilization in the world, in Mardin which is believed to be the first settlement of human families as it fits into the location of the the Garden of Edens as described in Genesis 2.

12. A section of the Red Sea, Dead Sea, River Euphretes, etc

13. Tour of the magical city of Istanbul, with the ruins and monuments of four civilizations, the Ottoman Empire and tones of religious historical sites.

We organize group tours for Christians and Muslims who desire to explore the amazing religious sites in Turkey. Also, we arrange fascinating summer and winter vacations families, individuals and all age groups.
For VIPs who are looking for a wonderfully exclusive holiday to suite their unique tastes, Diamond Gates and Privado Tours offers private VIP holidays in Turkiye's private beaches, islands and 7-Star hotels.

You can join our April, June September or December group tours and seek for a specially tailored tours at a time and period most convenient for you.

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