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DIAMOND GATES, with offices in Turkey, Nigeria and a liaison office in Ghana, was established in 2013 to provide solid business networking, consulting services, company representative outlet and to fill in the vacuum of a trustworthy business link between Turkey and West African countries. For years, the business communities in Nigeria/West Africa and Turkey know very little about the enormous investment and business opportunities with huge potentials that abound in each others’ nations but Diamond Gates is working tirelessly to close this gap and guide both sides to discover, engage and explore a great number of these opportunities to their benefits. Since 2013, we have successfully worked with over 50 Turkish companies and several entrepreneurs and a host of their Nigerian/West African counterparts. Recently, we have become actively involved in representing Turkish companies through marketing and distributing some of their high quality products such as the construction equipment, agricultural machines, medical and laboratory tools and equipment, furniture, transformers, electronics and lighting products, auto-spare parts, textile materials and clothing, household goods, polyurethane and polystyrene products, and other building materials. In general, we source quality goods and services from either country/continent when needed and we do so at very competitive prices.

As the Administrative Director of Diamond Gates, over the 20 years of working and living in Turkey, I have gained a great deal of experience and ample goodwill with leading films, prominent business executives, world-class technocrats and top government officials. Consequently, I can boast of having the capability of connecting individuals, companies and institutions seeking quality goods, services and technical or technological know-how to the persons, companies and establishments or agencies that provide the desired goods and services at reasonable costs. It is noteworthy to stress that the foremost priority and the appeal that led me into this entrepreneurial engagements is to provide trust and authenticity to the clients in business dealings between Turkey and Nigeria with her neighbouring countries. Diamond Gates is, therefore, a name to trust in business dealings.


DIAMOND GATES CONSULTING ( DGC ) comprises of Business and Education Consulting services and the education section has engaged in English Language Skills Development Classes and Tutorials to companies and university students who desire to prepare for English proficiency exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, TOEIC, etc. We also offer  Legal & Business English, Speaking and Writing Skills Development Courses to high-profile government officials, expatriates, company staff, top business executives and individuals who are interested in developing their language skills and or taking some other ESP classes. We believe that a good command of English Language and well-improved Business and English Speaking/Writing Skills give ample leverage to today’s entrepreneurs. Moreover, DGC   runs a Study Abroad Services for the the increasing number of students from West Africa who desire to study in Turkey with great focus on Nigeria and Ghana.  DGC Study Abroad Scheme was born to provide a dependable link between carefully selected reputable Turkish universities and parents who long to give their children good university education in a well-disciplined decent environment. Our office has the privilege of offering foreign students ample discounts on the tuition charged by some private universities.

Inquiries for further details on the education section of DGC are highly welcome.

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Ben Onyeukwu C. ANYAIBE
Administrative Director                                                            
Diamond Gates Consulting